Hiring A DJ For Sweet 16 Celebrations

While it may seem as though you can hire any DJ that you find for a Sweet 16 celebration, what you should know is that there is more involved when it comes to finding the right professional for the job. This is much more than finding someone who plays music, which means that you need to broaden your search. These are Image result for Hiring A DJ For Sweet 16 Celebrationssome of the tips that you can keep in mind that will allow you to pick out the absolute best DJ for Sweet 16 parties:

1. The right DJ for a Sweet 16 will be one that understands teens and what they are looking for in music and the overall party experience. This should be a professional that has the ability to hype up the crowd by using shout outs, games, empowerment and just the right music selection.

2. Teen dance mixes are generally short. Most of the wedding music or mixes that you will hear on the radio is about three minutes long. DJs who specialize in Sweet 16 parties and teen parties will know that any good teen dance song is about 90 seconds long.

3. Teen DJ professionals will also understand that there will be different kinds of music for teen based events. Songs should be a mixture of fist pumping, sing along, line dancing, old school hits, girl power, mosh pit style songs and more. It is really all about what is relevant and what everyone wants to get out and dance to for a fully memorable experience.

Image result for description for a good dj4. Any great DJ that is worth hiring for a Sweet 16 will also be open minded and willing to work with the birthday guest of honor to find out exactly what they are looking for as a party experience. Will there be a grand entrance? Does the birthday girl/boy want to be the center of attention or are they looking to just have a fun night filled with partying and laughter with friends? The DJ will have to be willing to work with the client to tailor their product to the tastes and needs of the birthday guest of honor.

Overall, any good DJ for Sweet 16 parties should be prepared for any circumstance. The goal is to be sure that the special, landmark birthday is flawless and that all friends are fully engaged in the party events. The end result will be money well spent on a DJ that was able to create a memorable Sweet 16!

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