How To Make Your Product Photography Stand Out

Product photography is what ultimately makes or breaks your e-commerce business. If your product photos are boring, out of focus or just don’t push the envelope, you need to put your thinking cap back on. What do Image result for Unique stands are necessary to give your product height and interestall great corporations have in common?  A product photographer new york city based answered they have the uncanny ability to take a boring product and turn it into something unique and inspiring just by distorting the photographs or using awesome props!

Wait a minute! You’re probably thinking this is something you could never pull off, but believe it or not, you couldn’t be more wrong! Here are a few insightful tips to help you get started:

Shoot From Strange Angles

Instead of leaving your camera on a tripod and shooting all of your photographs from eye-level, try shooting from different angles. Bear in mind, the problem with this type of photography is that it could distort your product, therefore, this approach should be used only with products that can be seen well at an angle.

Try An Interesting Background

When it comes to product photography, background is truly everything. Try inserting a background that’s unexpected for your product or put your product into context by using a complementary background.

Use Photo Manipulation

You will need to have some graphic design skills for photo manipulation, but this extra step is well worth it as it gives your photography meaning and interest. This is also an area where you may wish to hire a professional if you can’t do it on your own.

Raise Your Product

Image result for How To Make Your Product Photography Stand OutUnique stands are necessary to give your product height and interest. For example, an old box or barrel can be the perfect products to help complement what you’re photographing. This method works best when you raise a small product versus attempting to give height to something that’s already tall or large.

Use Reflection

A mirror can help reflect your product and give it just the right amount of depth. Of course, you don’t need to use a physical mirror for this effect as photo manipulation can achieve the same results, if not better.

Now that you know the different tricks that pros use for product photography, make sure you try them out. A prospective customer will only purchase a product if they see that it meets or exceeds their expectations. Since you will be selling everything online, make your images enticing!

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