Is Social Entrepreneurship for You?

Social entrepreneurship is the science of finding solutions to social problems and people who are thinking and executing these solutions are called Social Entrepreneurs. High crime rate, poverty, lack of education and drug abuse are just some of the problems that our society faces every day. You cannot become a social entrepreneur overnight. You need to think about it carefully before you start this career like I did. I decided to take this career a couple of years ago while my parents and I are on vacation in Maryland. We stayed at Princess Royale Hotel for a week and even before the week ended, I got bored. I thought about what I will be doing after our vacation and envisioned the same old routine that I have in the city. I want to do something new in my life and at the same time make a difference.

While browsing the net, I came across a site where they talk about how social entrepreneurs worked and researched about it. It caught my interest and after learning more about it, I decided to give it a try. I have always wanted to give back to society and help those in need and having this career is the best way to do it. If you are decided to give this career a try, then continue to read on.

save-the-worldThe first question you need to ask yourself is which social problem needs more assistance and solution? Once you figure this out, I am very sure that a few of your friends or colleague have the same opinion as you on a specific social problem. These people are the first individuals whom you can launch your idea or product. They will be your customers, critics, and fans. These people are your first community so take good care of them.

Whenever you have a new idea or product, don’t hesitate to launch or share it. Don’t hold back just because it’s not 100% perfect. That’s what areas of improvement are for. Be open for constructive criticisms and suggestions. Learn from it, re-do your project then sell it again. Being a social entrepreneur is going to require most of your time constructing on new ideas and projects. It will be hard work I tell you. It is always important to manage your time wisely so your personal and professional life won’t suffer.

Partner with businesses that will help you gain more connections and at the same time promote your idea or product. You are still an entrepreneur, so you still need to think like a businessman. Your success will depend on the business decisions that you are going to make, so make your decisions wisely.

I’ve mentioned that it’s not easy being a social entrepreneur. It may take a long time before you see the fruits of your labor; it’s the same as any business. Proper education, research, and passion are the keys to becoming successful in this industry. Whatever your idea is if you believe that it will improve the society, go ahead and build it. Be proud of your ideas because it is the outcome of the vision you have for a better place.

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